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Nursery Rhymes ABC

Children's Music for Learning and Fun!

Nursery Rhymes ABC is the place to go for all your favourite nursery rhymes and songs. Singing, learning, nurturing and playing, all our songs are designed to be entertaining and educational and, most importantly, fun!

From a very early age, babies will sway and move to the music they hear, while toddlers and children love to dance, move and sing to music. Our songs use a variety of instruments to engage children, whether through upbeat nursery rhymes and educational songs during playtime or soothing lullabies at the end of a long day.

At Nursery Rhymes ABC we believe that if parents and carers play music that they enjoy to their children, everyone will have more fun singing and listening together. With this in mind, our talented team of musicians have created highly crafted songs to be repeatedly listened to and enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

From making up silly rhymes for teeth brushing, to singing in the car or while changing nappies, music is one of the best ways to nurture the relationship between you and your child. Music improves not only a child's literacy and numeracy skills but also their fine and gross motor skills, their sociability and their confidence.

With millions of streams to date, come and join in the fun at
Nursery Rhymes ABC and let the musical adventure begin!

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